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North Stargia



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*Disclaimer: North Stargia is not sponsored or endorsed by artists their jewelry is inspired by.*

Heav  en

Def: a place or condition of utmost happiness 

In tribute to BTS, the ring was carefully designed to symbolize their dedication, passion, wisdom, humility, and grit. Along with the use of their birth flower and birth stone, the Roman numerals, VI-XIII-XIII, on the inside of the ring depict the artist's debut date, incorporated as a direct tribute 

***see below to measure your ring size if you don't know!

IMPORTANT Information:

The Swarovski rhinestones on the ring is very delicate and will fall off if not careful. If one were to change the size of the ring in a wrong manner, the rhinestones are more susceptible to falling off.  Please read the instruction on how to adjust the ring carefully as well as watch the last video on the gallery found on this page to ensure longevity of the appearance of the ring. To help maintain this longevity, once the ring is adjusted to your liking, please refrain from changing the size again. We are also including couple of free rhinestones to be sent along with the ring in case they happen to fall off. Please be aware that once the ring is damaged in any shape or form, we cannot accept refunds or exchanges. 

How to adjust ring:

Place your thumbs over each side of the ring, covering the three crystals on those said sides. Place your pointer fingers right underneath the band, directly below the thumbs. Slowly and gently either expand or shrink the band. 

To those who are shrinking the ring: if the band no longer shrinks due to your pointer fingers being in the way, begin changing the leaf/back portion of the ring. Gently move the back ends of the ring towards the middle. This will create an oval shape to the ring, but this will help maintain the original proportions of the design on the front as well as effectively tighten the ring!

Please refrain from expanding past the ring's size limit. To prevent this from happening, adjust the ring slowly! Please refrain from adjusting the size while you wear the ring; remove ring from your finger then adjust accordingly. 

Further Information:

Hypoallergenic :: Nickel-free, 18k gold electroplated/silver plated over copper base:: Swarovski rhinestones

Order includes ring, extra Swarovski rhinestones, velvet jewelry bag, jewelry cloth, complimentary gift, and a thank you letter!

How to Measure your ring size:

Things you need: 

Ruler (mm)

Thin strip of paper or string

Some sort of marker


Wrap the paper or string around your finger where the ring would theoretically go. Mark where the paper or string meets and measure the distance with ruler. Proceed then to select the best suitable size based off of your measurements.


Jewelry Care Information

For long-lasting preservation of the jewelry, do the following:

-avoid contact from cosmetics or other foreign chemicals

-avoid long exposure to the sun

-avoid water and remove jewelry when swimming, exercising, showering, or sleeping

-clean the earring studs with alcohol or hydrogen-peroxide 

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