Jewelry Grading Scale

North Stargia takes great care to ensure that every piece of jewelry sold meets the highest standards of quality. Our products undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure that our customers receive only the best. We use a detailed grading system to categorize our jewelry based on their level of flaws and imperfections.

Grade A

Grade A jewelry is our standard representation of the original design, with minimal to no noticeable flaws. While some minor imperfections may be present, they are only visible upon close inspection under bright light. The majority of our jewelry falls under this category. Grade A jewelry qualify for refund policies. Please see the refund policy page for more information.

Grade B

Grade B jewelry, on the other hand, may exhibit noticeable flaws even under normal lighting conditions. While still beautiful and functional, they do not meet the high standards set for Grade A jewelry. Grade B jewelry does not qualify for returns and exchanges. Please see the refund policy page for more information.

Grade C and below

Jewelry that falls under Grade C and below are not sold due to their poor representation of our design and quality.