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North Stargia



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*Disclaimer: North Stargia is not sponsored or endorsed by artists their jewelry is inspired by.*


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Pas ✩ sion

Def: an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

This earring was inspired by Jungkook from BTS 💜 The design was made to encapsulate JK's balance, power, and brightness that exude off of him and his artistry. The way in which his eyes sparkle like the stars on stage, his ability to adapt to different artwork/platform/concepts & still bring about something uniquely his own, and his consistency in showing up for his own expression and love for artistic expansion—everything was taken into account to forge this piece ✨ Korean lettering "열정" (meaning Passion) is engraved behind the mask that covers the star within 😉

The engraving of Roman numerals XIII can be found behind the pendulum as a direct tribute to BTS as a whole, and the design incorporation of a rose was also to honor the beginning of the seven men!

We hope that wearing this earring gives you that little push forward towards your dreams--live with passion and live out your passions!! You are bound to be successful 💜

Further Information:

Hoop 20mm :: Asymmetrical :: Pendulum 20mm & 29mm:: Hypoallergenic, Nickel-free, stainless steel insert :: 18k gold plated

Order includes earrings, velvet jewelry pouch, complimentary gift, and a thank you letter!

Jewelry Care Information

For long-lasting preservation of the jewelry, do the following:

-avoid contact from cosmetics or other foreign chemicals

-avoid long exposure to the sun

-avoid water and remove jewelry when swimming, exercising, showering, or sleeping

-clean the earring studs with alcohol or hydrogen-peroxide 

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