5th Shop Opening! February Update

Hello to all the beautiful people  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

         Welcome to North Stargia's fifth shop opening! This past month has been nothing but crazy in the best way possible. From 4k followers at the beginning of January to now reaching 20k on tiktok, the love and support everyone has shown us in regards to our jewelry in these past couple of weeks has been an absolute blessing. Thank you to those who have been with us since the first opening, and thank you to those who have joined the ride recently--every single one of you have been our motivation to keep going  ♡ 

         On to some logistics! (☛´∀`*)☛  The shop will be open from 02/12/21 at 2pm PST until 03/05/21 at 10pm PST! 

         Shipping for both domestic and international are free when your purchases are over $40 ♡ ~('▽^人) If below $40, domestic shipping will be $4.50 and international shipping will be $6! Great change for those who reside in Australia and New Zealand though!! We were able to find a shipping carrier that would allow us to send you packages affordably. No more super-expensive shipping for you all ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ 

         For this opening, all the pieces we had previously will be available. The gold and silver Eternal earrings, gold Haven necklace, and gold Heaven ring (for sizes 6.5 to 10) will be available! Like all the other openings, there are only limited numbers available per opening, and if sold out, they will not be available for purchase until the next shop update. (。•́︿•̀。) Due to some unforeseen circumstances however, we were not able to acquire the usual amount of jewelry for a regular restock. For this reason, this restock will be considered a "mini-restock" and we are hoping to have more jewelry available in March. If we do sell out, do not fret! We will definitely bring these pieces back every month until everyone gets one that they desire  ♡ 

       Although no definite answers can be given in terms of what will be available in March, here is a list of variations we are currently working on! If some of the things we list are not available in March, we will make sure to have them in April! We will make another announcement when everything is finalized, however, we thought to give you a little sneak peak at the very least (o^-')b

  • Silver Haven necklace
  • Silver Heaven ring
  • Extra small, small, large, extra large Heaven ring  
  • Clip-on Eternal earring
  • English hook Eternal earring (for those who have larger holes/gauges!)
  • Secret Bulletproof collection project (〃▽〃)

        We thank you for your patience as we navigate through this new chapter in our business ♡  And as always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for becoming our North Stars ♡


North Stargia

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